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most instagramable spots at disneyland...

most instagramable spots at disneyland...

aaron and i have disneyland passes and it’s been THEE funnest time ever! i love not having to worry about trying to pack everything into one day. this trip i really wanted to find the funnest photo opt locations around the park. i was going to take a picture of each location as a whole instead of the edited version but i forgot! i will try to be detailed in where it is!

location #1: blue and white wall

this is a CLASSIC but i had to add it. this wall looks like a gate that employees go through and is right across from the ride “it’s a small world”. it is often overlooked because of the location!

location #2: the castle

another classic but i tried to find a cool different angle that had less people. if you’re looking at the castle, it’s on the right side. there is a little walkway to snow whites singing well and i took this picture there! we were there at about 5:00 pm which was perfect lighting.

location #3: behind the castle

if you walk through the castle you enter fantasy land. these photos were taken in front of the carousel by the sword in the stone. fun fact, there is a spot right behind the castle that marks the exact center coordinates of the park!

location #4: with the balloons

this may be obvious for some people but i didn’t know you could do this until my sister told me last time we went! i was too much of a chicken to ask last time…but there were so many people doing it that i felt a little better this time haha. if you look closely, there is someone also doing it in the background! go up to any employee with balloons and ask if you can take a picture holding them. we just took this on an iphone because you have to be quick. you’re only allowed to take one picture!

location #5: bathrooms…

we were walking back to the park from downtown disney and had to make a pit stop at the bathroom. i loved the colors of the bathrooms so why not take a pic! haha. they are to the left of the disneyland entrance. there are a ton of hidden cute doors and walls on mainstreet if you look for them. i liked this spot because there weren’t a ton of people like there are on mainstreet.

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