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22 things i love about you

22 things i love about you

hmmm. this session was a dream. we got to spend the day in newport beach at pirates cove with olivia. her and her cute hubby are moving to southern california in june! i am so jealous. it was fun to just be ourselves and have fun flirting with each other on the beach ;) we were both remembering how awkward we were for our engagement photos and wish we could redo them now! haha. it's coming on nine months since we've been married! time seriously goes so fast and our relationship just grows stronger. i wanted to share 22 things i've learned about aaron since we started our adventure together... ;)

1. NO ONE. i repeat, no one, can down in n out fries faster than him.

2. he likes to pull me back in bed before school for a "two minute cuddle sesh" but for some reason it is waaay longer than 2 minutes!

3. he gets SO mad when i walk on the carpet with my shoes on hahaha. i think it's hilarious.

4. sometimes when we are mad at each other and don't speak he speaks through siri, then all of a sudden i hear an automatic voice saying "i'm sorry" over and over...and over again.

5. i totally will take the blame for getting him hooked on pita chips, hummus, and acai bowls.

6. he says reece's pieces...i say reece's peeeecies.

7. he has to use two knives when making peanut butter and jelly sandwich. one for the peanut butter and one for the jelly, haha i only use one #endoftheworld

8. he frequently speaks to me in a "marcel the shell" voice, i rarely hear his real voice.

9. he supports all my crazy endeavors and ideas, which is a HUGE plus

10. HIS SURPRISES NEVER FAIL. it's almost annoying, he can plan something and it will go PERFECTLY as planned without fail. i haven't been blessed with such skills yet...

11. he loves his boots. (pictured) it's so cute. he would wear them everyday if i let him.

12. he cleans out my lunch that sits in the tupperware for a week and endures the horrific smell. i will learn to clean them out one of these days. i promise.

13. he sends me lds talks that are always uplifting and inspiring. i love that.

14. he can make yummy dinners like mac n cheese and mashed potatoes because i wanted mashed potatoes and he wanted mac n cheese, all about compromise haha.

15. he comes to my shoots that i drag him to and doesn't complain (all the time) love you beb.

16. he will get these crazy uncontrollable bloody noses and deals with me not having a clue how to help in that department...or any health department haha. good thing he is basically a doctor and can treat himself.

17. he magnifies his calling and i think it's so adorable when he comes home from church totally stoked because a less active member came to church or he helped someone in need.

18. little babies love him and its so fun to see when little Liza cuddles up in his arms and just falls asleep there.

19. he left me a note on our mirror in my lipstick ...really cute, little mad because it was my favorite lipstick haha.

20. he can make anyone laugh, like when he told my 12 year old cousin he needed to grow some hair on his chest so he needed to eat hot sauce. 

21. he has a theme song that is repeated after every brilliant idea he has.

22. he always always always fixes any problems we have and i am so incredibly grateful. he can make me laugh when i'm trying so hard to be mad at him! #soblessed


all perfectly captured moments by olivia rose photography

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